Re-thinking Performance Reviews

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  1. Jon

    For time immemorial ratings have been a bugbear.

    Interesting article Joris. I like a lot of your points. For the most part, this matches what I consider to be good practice, see The one-on-one is critical.

    You’ve said you’ve removed the unconstructive focus on ratings. The two axis approach is interesting. Often managers will overrate a person using a traditional approach to acknowledge effort. Your approach provides a way to avoid this. Are you using the two axis approach to drive bonus, or does everyone get a bonus based on some other criteria?

    I totally agree about the 360 review. I think it should be done at the start of a performance cycle, rather than the end. Partly so people can focus on it without having the distraction of potential pay increase/bonus, but also because it should be largely about development.

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